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Israel & Jordan Group - June '19

Estimada Claudia,

En nombre de mis agencias y todo el grupo de 25 personas  quienes recientemente estuvimos en la maravillosa ciudad de Israel & Jordania deseamos expresar nuestro sincero agradecimiento a su empresa Dowtown Travel, por sus atenciones y la excelente labor realizada por el.tour operador en cada ciudad visitada, excelente los hoteles, comida, traslados y sobretodo queremos felicitar, muy especialmente a nuestra  guia Amir por su excelente trabajo y profesionalismo y deseamos contar con sus servicios como guía turístico para próximos viajes a esta ciudad, personas como ella y todo el equipo  con ese espiritu de cooperacion demostrado, son las que ayudan a la buena imagen de su empresa,

El único inconveniente fue el no tener las visas a Jordania para los  3 colombianos a tiempo pero la.gestion para lograrlo fue extraordinaria.

Agradecemos nuevamente a usted y a todos los que laboran en su agencia y todo su equipo operativo por el excelente trabajo que realiza. Felicitaciones.


Elizabeth C.

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Dear Claudia,

On behalf of my companies and the entire group of 25 people who were recently in the wonderful countries of Israel & Jordan, we would like to express our sincere thanks to your company, Dowtown Travel, for your attention and the excellent work done the tour operator in each city visited, excellent hotels, food, transfers and above all we want to congratulate, especially our guide Amir for his excellent work and professionalism and we want to count on his services as a tour guide for future trips to this city, people like her and all the team with that demonstrated spirit of cooperation, are those that help the good image of your company,

The only drawback was not having the visas to Jordan for the 3 Colombians on time but the effort to achieve it was extraordinary.

We thank you again and all those who work in your agency and all your operational team for the excellent work you do. Congratulations.


Elizabeth C.

Singapore Group - May '19

Hello Claudia,

I have been trying to sit down and send this thank you message since we returned from out Asia trip in March, but have so been busy and somewhat backed up with work.

First Ms. Claudia Holguin I would like to express that you are an Exceptionally Good Sales Manager, helpful, Personable, Knowledgeable and it is a pleasure to work with you..

I cannot Thank you enough for your Patience and all that you do to ensure the success of my group trips.

I want the readers to know that sometimes things happen but it is how it is handled that make you feel a certain way about a person or tour operator.

On The last trip to Singapore I was confronted with some challenges that was beyond anyone's fault. The guides, buses, accommodations were all perfect. One of the couples spouse that was on the trip got sick the day we arrived and she was hospitalized, had to have surgery and could not travel home until 14 days later after the group arrived back home from the 14 cruise portion of the trip…

Let me just say that the tour guides that was contracted for us in Singapore by Claudia were so amazing and helpful. Kathy & especially Jaci who went above and beyond to help my guest to be as comfortable as possible until the wife was able to be cleared for travel back to the US.

Jaci communicated with Claudia, Claudia with me and I with my client almost daily to confirm that all was well to assist with hotel for extended stay near the hospital, and to ask if there was anything I needed her to do. The time difference made it a little challenging, but it was truly appreciated. My client was beyond grateful and so am I. Because I had no idea I had 46 other clients on that trip that I also had to attend to. Once again Thank You Claudia… Thank you Jaci! You are truly appreciated.

PS Singapore is a Beautiful Clean & Friendly city

Downtown Travel Highly Recommended

Marcia J.

Owner/Travel Consultant & Vacation Planner

Italy - Diane and Victor – San Francisco, CA

Thank you for your travel planning expertise!  Our trip to Italy filled us up physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. Because of all the details you took care of, we were relaxed, never worried about a thing and could focus on having a great time. You arranged for reliable, highly educated and well-connected guides that helped us deeply appreciate the history, art and culture of what we saw. All the hotels you arranged were in great areas, safe, clean and comfortable. The travel pack you put together with all our tickets and reservation information was beautifully organized and added to the ease of our trip.  Oh, and thanks to the disinfectant wipes you provided, we stayed healthy.   No germ filled airplane tray tables for us!

I seriously can't imagine planning another vacation without you. Thanks again for taking such good care of us.

Diane and Victor – San Francisco, CA

Colombia - Eden N. & Brad G New City, NY

Sandy planned our trip to Colombia. The time and thought put into the planning made for a wonderful trip.

We had a tour guide in each city, and they met us at the airport, and had a driver and car, for the guided part of the vacation.  The tour guides were incredible.  They had an answer for every question, gave us the history of each city and provided an incredible experience.  Each tour guide was proud of their heritage and city.  The guides even took us back to the airport to make sure we checked in the right place.

Sandy is a wonderful travel agent.  She listens to what you want, from your trip and goes out of her way to accommodate you. I met Sandy on a tour of Israel, last March. I was lucky to have met her and recommend her and her team to help plan your next vacation.  She will help to make it something you will always remember. We could not have planned it any better.

Eden N. & Brad G New City, NY

Scotland - Nancy

We would certainly put ourselves in her capable hands again.

I want to thank you for all your help. We had a wonderful time. I must say the highlight of the trip, for me, was our time spent in the Shetland Islands. Our trip to Scotland was one of my best vacations ever!

Thanks again for all your efforts to make our trip enjoyable. It certainly was.

Nancy T. Albany, CA

Italy - Peter, Louise, and Gina Levittown, NY

The trip was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE.  From Rome to Sorrento and all the tours and walking in between. I can’t pick what was the top moment, although that boat trip around Capri was mind blowing.

I can’t thank you and your staff enough for the beautiful planning that went into the trip to make it the memory of a lifetime.  Every tour, airport pickup and drop off, and transfer in between went off without a hitch. 

I will definitely keep you mind for my next trip, whenever that may be.  Again, THANKS SO MUCH.

Peter, Louise, and Gina Levittown, NY

Scotland - Carolyn

Scotland lingers, and will for a while, as it was a very memorable trip. The itinerary you arranged worked out very well. Nancy and I were very happy with all of it. The pick-ups were efficient, the drivers courteous (even the one at 3 a.m.!). The local guides, in Edinburgh and Glasgow, were knowledgeable and fun, easy to converse with, and tailored their tours to our interests. The hotel locations in Inverness and Glasgow, we found to be excellent. The apartment in Edinburgh was nicely located; walkable to the sights we wanted to see.

 (The tour we book for Shetland, Shetland Wool Adventures, was superb! Lots of knitting instruction, visits to wool mill and farms, drives over the Shetland Islands which are beautiful.

If any of your clients want an adventure in Shetland and are interested in the knitting/wool industry there, I would highly recommend it.)

Thank you so much for your service and advice. Nancy and I enjoyed every part of this vacation.

Carolyn T San Francisco,

Rio de Janeiro

Dear Luciana ,

Thanks for taking such good care of my clients and ensuring that they had a memorable time. My clients had an extraordinary experience during their trip; a true adventure in Rio de Janeiro.


Pazit R.


Cuba - Patty Z. & Yvonne C.

Just want to tell you we had a fabulous time; thank you for everything.

You arranged a real 5 Star experience for us.   No WIFI issues, great salsa classes and teachers, wonderful tour guides and drivers, and excellent hotels.  The itinerary was perfect.

Yvonne says we should use you in the future; she was very impressed with your work.

Patty Z.  & Yvonne C.

Dr Coates Brazil Group

Dear Luciana,

Allow me to share with you the feedback from Dr. Coates regarding his trip to Brazil.

“This trip to Brazil is the highlight of all my trips. We had a great time. The service provided was impeccable and highly professional, especially the guides, drivers, and other persons involved.

Thank you for an amazing and beautiful trip”

Indeed, it is really pleasant to work with you, simply for answering all my requests and questions in a timely manner. Having been in the tourism industry for the last 54 years, I must say working with you has been a pleasurable experience.

Tewfic J. S.

Pax traveled to Salvador, Bahia.

"Thank you, Luciana!

My client had a great time in Salvador! Will keep you  posted on future needs"

Roslyn P.

Trip to Dubai

Dear Claudia,

I want you to know how much I appreciate the excellent job provided to my group during our tour in Dubai. Your attention to detail, great communication skills, and knowledge  made the experience even better than I expected. The desert tour was amazing and the whole group was very excited for it.   I won't hesitate to bring future clients to your company, 
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this tour. We really appreciate all that you do.



Argentina - Triangle of Waters

We had a wonderful time in Argentina.  Great trip!  I want to thank you for all your assistance.  All services provided by your representatives were excellent.  All pick-ups were on time with no problems.  Service at all hotels was very good, especially in Iguazu, excellent hotel.  I will highly recommend this trip to anyone interested in big city excitement and beautiful nature.  Hopefully I will be able to visit Argentina again.  Once again, I want to give you a big thank you for all your help.


Group to Cuba


Hola Clauida

Tengo para decirte que el viaje que hicimos a cuba del 26 al 31 de Agosto, fue expectacular, los clients dieron 10 de 10 , la puntualidad en el aeropuerto, los transfer

Las excursiones muy bien guiadas y con bastante conocimientos los guias, principalmente el Sr Mandy, excelente anfitrion , nos dio mas de lo que estaba pautado.

Mis clientes lo quieren a el para nuestro proximo viaje.

Los hoteles Melia, con excelentes servicio, la comidas exquisitas, el personal , muy amable y entregado, nos hicieron sentir como en casa.todos los empleados el mismo dia ya sabian hasta nuestro nombres.

En fin si me pongo a hablar de todo lo bien que la pasamos  llenaria este pagina.

Te doy las gracias infinitas por preocuparte por cada detalle de nuestro viaje, y espero en un futuro  no muy lejano nos prepare otro paquete igual de excelente.


Rosa Gomez



Hi Claudia
I have to tell you that the trip we made to Cuba from 26 to 31 August was spectacular, the clients gave 10 out of 10, punctuality at the airport, transfers guided tours and knowledgeable guides, mainly Mr. Mandy, excellent host, gave us more than what was set out.
My clients want it for our next trip.
The Melia hotels, with excellent service, exquisite meals, the staff, very friendly and delivered, made us feel at home.Everyone on the same day already knew our names.
Anyway if I start to talk about how good we spent it would fill this page.
I thank you infinitely for worrying about every detail of our trip, and hope in the not too distant future we prepare another equally excellent package.
Rosa Gomez

Would highly recommend the operator to anyone who wishes to visit Peru!

We just arrived back in the United States from our stay in Ecuador and Peru. I want to follow up with you on our experience… we were thrilled with the level of service provided in Peru. Your representative met us at the airport and accompanied us every step of the way during our time in Peru. Every representative spoke English. All were knowledgeable and helpful. None of the four of us had ever experienced the level of service provided by them. All of us would highly recommend the operator to anyone who wishes to visit Peru. All of us wish to thank you for booking us with the operator. You made an excellent choice.


Maria B

Trip to Colombia


We loved every minute of our trip to Colombia.  It was a great trip!  You always do an excellent job!  I'm so glad to have met you through TPOC.  Take car until we travel together again (smile).

Charlotte & Cliff

I am surely going to be selling more of Cartagena this year!


Hello.  I want to thank you very much for the terrific land package you put together for me and my group.  We had a fabulous time in Cartagena.  Everything ran so smoothly.  We didn't have to think at all.

Laura, your representative, was waiting for us at the airport when we cleared customs.  She got us quickly to the Intercontinental Hotel, gave us our land package information, and took any questions we had.

We checked in quick and easy at the hotel.  The front desk staff was very efficient, and everyone had the rooms that were requested.  I would take groups to this hotel again and again.  Elmer and I will stay there on our next trip, too! The transfers were all on time.  We had so much fun at Rosario Islands.  The women didn't want to leave.  Really!

Again, thank you, Rosa.  I am surely going to be selling more of Cartagena this year. 


Ingrid T.

Fantastic Havana & Valadera trip!

Margie and I had a wonderful, exciting, educational and magical adventure, thanks to your planning and recommendations! Just wanted to send you a brief note of thanks and a few images.

We mentioned you, Arturo, daily in our gratitude list. We had the best experience anyone traveling could ask for! Casa de Reyes, Havana, was beautiful; the family members were inviting and cooked delicious meals! Our guide Professor Silvio and driver Jorge became our thoughtful, fun big brothers, treating us like queens!!! I will email you their full names when I locate their business cards.

We danced at a sidewalk cafe, live music, on arriving! We danced our way (best live Cubano music/casino de rueda) across Havana in clubs, bars and received professional lessons at the Havana Music School, the director is an old friend of Professor Silvio.

We highly recommend them and Casa Reyes. We loved Valadera too, a lovely beach area at a slower pace. Watched the Cuba baseball teams play off finals on TV in Valadera, another highlight because I love baseball. 

Thank you again!

Cathy C M

Este es el email que recibí de la Sra. Way

I must agree with Cathy!  We could not have asked for a better trip. Silvio & Jorge were the best guides ever and the homes you chose for us were just perfect. One of the best trips I've ever had!  Thank you for all your hard work putting this together for us. 
Margie Way
Muchas Gracias por su ayuda,

She said the trip was "grand"


Thanks for following up yesterday. I received an email from Lise today. She said the trip was "grand" and everything exceeded their expectations. She is going to write up a more detailed narrative about their trip and I will share it with you when I receive it. Hopefully we will generate some new clients from her enthusiasm!Have a blessed and wonderful holiday season! Best regards, Deborah

Our FAM trip to Colombia was great

Good Morning Dear Mira and Claudia,

We hope all is fine. On behalf of Blanquita from Gomez International and my self from City Travel, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to visit Colombia, the FAM was great, everything was excellent and we really enjoy it and we learned a lot. We are pretty sure that this experience  to Colombia will be a great  trip for our clients. Once again, thank you very much and count with us .Have an excellent day.


You are a powerhouse for Cuba

Hola Claudia

It was wonderful meeting you and getting to know you a bit while in Havana last month.  You are a powerhouse for Cuba and I wish you all the success you deserve as you grow your travel business there. And thank you for all the connections - I have followed up with them all and will meet with the architect in Havana the next trip around. Kindest Regards,


Our trip to Cuba was fantastic

Hi Claudia,

How are you?  Our trip to Cuba was fantastic, thanks to your help and Rosa's as well.  We were met at the airport even though our flight was 2 hours late and then we had to wait 4 hours for our luggage to come out.  Other than that, though, everything was Amazing!!  Our hotel room at the Nacional was so nice and spacious and even had a complimentary bottle of Havana rum for us!  It was delicious!  Our check in was wonderful and thanks to Frank he took us up to the Executive check in on the 6th floor and check in was very smooth and easy.  The elevators worked perfectly and it was always so beautiful there.  

We took the tour in a beautiful Red Chevy convertible with a very nice gentleman who took us all over.  He was very sweet!  We tipped him nicely--both couples--and it was a special treat.  Frank took us to a Palladar which was pretty and very nice.  The food in Havana was not the best, but was okay and we enjoyed seeing the different restaurants.  We took a walking tour of the city and it was great and also a tour of the Hemingway Hotel which worked out very nicely.  We went to the Market and bought souvenirs and that was fun! We were just so pleased with the city of Havana--old town--as it was so beautiful--like New Orleans!  I will truly refer all my clients to you all to book as this is just an amazing place to visit and I know you will do an absolutely wonderful job for them!


 Thank you so much!