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Entrust your trip to Holidays with Downtown and discover a level of services and advice unmatched. Our travel counselors are trained and sensitized to our service philosophy. Whether for a seemingly simple seaside stay or for a more complex personalized itinerary, our travel advisers follow the same exacting process of care and checks in every detail to meet all the conditions for an exceptional stay.

Top Hotels

We have a database of over 1.2 million hotels around the world and we could easily select the top hotels based on their star rating or on their guests’ comments. But we know that those attributes are not what you’re looking for. You want us to find the hotels based on your taste and discretion not on what others think about them.

Notable Restaurants

There are many lists of top restaurants around the world. You may choose from the top 10, the top 20, the top 50 or even from the top 1000! But what if you want the top restaurant in a city that is not in one of those lists? That’s when we come in! Our experts either have tried the best restaurants in the destination or have a relationship with our local representatives close enough and trusting enough to depend on their recommendation.

Concierge Service

Today, with the promise of fulfilling all requests and fulfilling dreams and the slightest desire, the Concierge Service has gone beyond the borders of the hotel business to serve a well-off clientele: a Concierge dedicated to serving the most rich, able to satisfy any request. A place, at the last minute, for the final of a Grand Slam tennis match, the reopening in the middle of the night of the Dior shop for an express purchase or the sending of 500 roses at the other end of the world, are

Chauffeur Service

Car rental with driver also allows you to enjoy luxurious cars and, while taking care of driving wherever you want, to prepare your next appointment or just relax. We can provide a team of professionals on all your trips guaranteeing that punctuality and seriousness will be at the rendezvous.