Glimpse of Ukraine

Glimpse of Ukraine

Purpose: Discovery, Culture, History, Fun
No. of days: 8 days - 7 nights
First & Last Cities: Lviv, Odessa
Other cities: Kiev
Starting cost: From: $1,419 including airfare
Day 1: Lviv
Arrival to Lviv airport. Meet and greet by our representative and private transfer to the hotel for check-in. Rest of the day at leisure. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. [D]
Signature Option: “Night guard” a costumed excursion across Lviv
When the twilight comes down on Lviv and the mystery wakes up (at 9:00 pm) in the dark backstreets, the night Mayor - Mr. Shlyussel - goes to the streets surrounded by faithful assistants. He watches over the peace of residents and seeks offenders who live on the dark side of the moon. Moreover, if suddenly Mr. Mayor is unwell, her wife Zocia can always replace him. The unexpected meetings, terrible legends, ghosts and secret rituals… all of this awaits you during the night journey. If you are not afraid to become an assistant to Mr. Shlyussel join us! In addition, for high-quality work, Mr. Mayor will appoint you to the honorary rank of  "Lviv night service worker”.
Day 2: Lviv
Breakfast at the hotel before a walking tour around Lviv to enjoy architectural treasures that are part of UNESCO's heritage. You will see the heart of the town in Market Square, immerse yourself in the life of the Armenian and Jewish quarters, pass the ancient fortifications of Lviv like the Powder Tower, city and royal arsenals and fragments of defensive walls. Your artistic appetite will be quashed by valuable works of ancient masters like the Armenian Cathedral, the Chapel of the Three Saints, the Church of the Dormition of the Mother of God, the Latin Cathedral, the majestic Dominican Cathedral and the Garrison Temple of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (the former Catholic Church of the Jesuit monks). Let Lviv surprise you! You are waiting for the secrets of the old pharmacy of the city, the secrets of the inventor of the kerosene lamp Jan Zega, the magic house of the "Seasons". Many thematic kneipps and cafes will open their doors to you. This two-hour journey in time will end near the S. Krushelnytska, Lviv’s Opera and Ballet Theater. Lunch at a local restaurant and free afternoon to take one of the options offered or continue exploring the city on your own, Dinner and overnight at the hotel. [B/L/D]
Restaurant Tour “Happy Stomach”
Our gastronomic tour is an opportunity for everyone to “taste Lviv”. Interesting stories from our best guides will combine together with the tasting of different fruit-liqueurs and appetizing snacks at the famous pubs where you will also try local and Galician (Eastern Ukraine) cuisine.  During the tour you will visit such restaurants:    
  1. “Mons Pius” – located at the place of a former Armenian bank “Mons Pius” (loosely meaning Paradise Mountain) is a restaurant-pub in the former Armenian courtyard in Lviv. On the wall in one of the halls you’ll see the portrait of one of the directors of the bank. He was also the inventor of the heating toilet, the furling umbrella and the stove that works without percolating smoke. We’ll have fun! (You will taste some beer (400 ml – almost 1 pint) and some chips with hummus);
  2. Baczewski Restaurant – Baczewskis are famous for their creation – ‘Baczewski vodka’ – they were main characters in cheerful Lviv during the golden times when our city was a casino capital, and the local variety shows and cabaret were like a honeypot for the wealthy from all over Europe. The Baczewski factory was established in 1782 and was the first factory in the world to launch the mass production of vodka (you’ll taste three fruit-liqueur (20 ml each – 65 fl. oz.) with one tasty sandwich);
  3. Kumpel – real oasis of Galician cuisine. During the tasting you will also get to know the difference between “kumpel” and “batyar”. You’ill learn some words of the Galician dialect. And the real gentlemen will see and taste the one and only “beer bubby”.
  4. Restaurant-Museum “Salo” – first of all you will observe the exhibition of modern art, where you’ll see the lard-heart – the biggest in the world, and even a monument to lard. After that you will taste the lard wrapped in chocolate and lard-liqueurs. Our best traditions for you. (Dinner available here for additional payment);
  5. Trapezna – extremely popular place of Galician cuisine located in the vaults of former Bernadine Monastery. Behind its walls are kept the most important documents of our country. The atmosphere of semi-darkness inspired the chefs to renew old Galician recipes. Let’s learn more about them.
During the tour you will visit some additional restaurants that, up till now, inspire people to create new gastronomic masterpieces. You will visit one extremely popular restaurant in the beginning of the 20th century and you’ll look for strange notes on its walls, left there by strange but very famous people. And of course, you will feel the atmosphere of the best sweet house in Lviv. And after visiting it if someone asks “what is paradise?” you’ll definitely know the answer. Lviv can’t be imagined without coffee, so you’ll for sure taste it at Coffee Manufactory.   
Signature Option: Tour Lviv is closer to the sky, 2 hours
A 2-hour panoramic tour accompanied by breathtaking stories that excite the imagination. The ability to take super pictures that will make jealous those who have already visited Lviv many times! In these two hours the guide will introduce you to the best sights of the city. You will be able to climb on a roof that is normally closed to the public and enjoy a unique view of the city. Attention! You are at the verge of the sky!
Day 3: Lviv, Kiev
While walking along the romantic avenues of the Lychakiv cemetery, you will understand why it is compared to the French Pere Lachaise. Because several monuments here are of architectural value and amaze with their deep symbolism where every smallest detail stands for something. This cemetery was founded in 1786 near the city center in which lived most Lviv’s townspeople. After the plague, to avoid contagion, the Emperor moved all cemeteries to the outskirts. Lychakiv remained the cemetery for prominent members of the society who did spend serious money on expensive tombstones for their loved ones and ordered funeral monuments from Europe’s most famous architects. Later in the 19th century famous gardener Karol Bauer redesigned the paths creating alleyways that made the place look more like a park. During the tour you will visit the central alleys where the most famous Ukrainians are buried and some of the ancient burial places with the most beautiful monuments in the cemetery and some in Polish section where some burial places are associated with many interesting legends and stories. Lunch at a local restaurant and some free time before your transfer to the airport to board your flight to Kiev. Upon arrival you’ll be welcome and driven to your hotel for dinner and overnight. [B/L/D]
Day 4: Kiev
Enjoy breakfast at the hotel before this morning’s sightseeing tour featuring ancient and mysterious Kiev. Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the tour will acquainted you with the main sights, churches and monasteries, including Saint Sophia, which has the largest collection of mosaics and frescoes of the 11th century in the World, Monastery of St. Michael and St. Vladimir's Cathedral. The city's history is intertwined with modernity: Khreshchatyk and The Square of Independence (Maidan), Bessarabia area, panoramic views of the Dniper River and the left bank of Vladimir's Hill will make a lasting impression. After lunch take an excursion around the Park Ring on a Segway. If you never used a Segway it will take you no more than 10 minutes to get acquainted with it. The park ring consists of beautiful Kiev parks Mariinsky and Kreschatyy. They are the masterpieces of landscape design, an integral part of the history of the city: Romantic, tragic and glorious...  Since the last century, these parks have been and remain Kiev’s places of attraction. How many love declarations have heard the old lindens and maple trees? How many Kiev stories can be remembered on the shady alleys ... The Mariinsky Park is the pearl of architect Rastrelli, Mariinsky Palace. You will enjoy the fantastic scenic city view if you stay near the arch "Friendship of People" in the Kreschatyy Park. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight. [B/L/D]
Day 5: Kiev
Breakfast at the hotel before you leave for todays excursion to Mamayev Sloboda for a look into the Ukrainian folklore in which the “Cossack Mamay” plays a significant role. Normally depicted cross-legged playing the “kobza” and smoking a cigar he’s a Ukranian hero inspiring the youth, especially girls’ dreams, as he represents the defender of Ukraine’s independence. In this village you’ll see 18th century scenes of every day’s life in different social layers depicting the hut of a midwife and occasional fortune-teller, a tavern, a blacksmith or the home of a priest, all representing Ukranian life and folklore. This village will give a practical understanding of the roots of modern Ukranian society. After lunch at a local restaurant embark on a boat trip on the Dnieper River touching several places around Kiev. The Dnieper has played an important role through the centuries, as it was the main conduit for the important trade route linking the Baltic with the Black Sea. Enjoy light music and the pleasant onboard atmosphere. During the cruise, you will be able to admire the variegated colors of the ancient heart of Kiev - Podil, lush botanical garden, Vladimir's Hill and the golden domes of Kiev like Pechersk Lavra and St. Andrew's Church. Lunch at a local restaurant. The Afternood is free for you to continue discovering Kiev on your own or take one of the optional tours. Return to your hotel for dinner and overnight. [B/L/D]
Signature Option: Excursion to Pyrogovo
Pyrohovo (or Pyrogiv) is the largest ethnographic open-air museum in Europe and is located on the southern outskirts of Kiev. There, you’ll find more than 100 authentic Ukrainian buildings: wooden or clay living houses from all regions of the country, wooden churches, mills, blacksmiths, rural school and so on. Different original household objects are gathered in these houses, including furniture, tools, traditional clothes, etc. Any time of any season you are welcome to visit Pyrogovo and enjoy relaxing on the open air. Different folk festivals and holidays are hold here so, you may participate in Ukrainian traditions, dance, and, just for fun, take part in classes and help the blacksmith, the weaver or the potter in their work. Try a horse ride or a carriage ride and shop for traditional souvenirs.
Signature Option: Tour to Chernobyl
April 26 marks a day of sorrow in all the calendars of the world, a Day of Memory of the Chernobyl disaster Victims. That dreadful day gave the “ZONE” a totally new and sinister meaning! Today “ZONE” is a unique monument to the greatest technological catastrophe of the twentieth century. For Ukraine residents, the Chernobyl zone is also an enormous reservoir of history and culture of the region. We invite you to see it with your own eyes in the framework of a one day bus tour, which includes a trip to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant with a stop at the observation platform, a visit to Pripyat, Elias Church and the tomb of Chernobyl guard.
Day 6: Kiev, Odessa
Enjoy breakfast in the hotel anf be ready for your transfer to the airport where you’ll board your flight to Odessa. Upon arrival you’ll be met and driven to your hotel. After lunch at a local restaurant start your walking tour that will take you though Odessa’s streets and provides the possibility of enjoying your guide’s interesting stories and take part in animation workshops. Taking into consideration the 3 hours duration of the program, we offer to add to the program a "tea party in Odessa" with animated accompaniment, allowing the guests to relax. During the tour, you will get acquainted with the main monuments: Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Palace of Count Vorontsov and its colonnade, the Odessa Philharmonic, the monument to the Duke de Richelieu. Walk along ancient streets like Deribasovskaya Pushkin, Lanzheronovskaya, Richelieuvska, go through the cozy Primorsky Boulevard and Alexander Park. Enjoy a view of the harbor station and Potemkin Stairs. During our tour do not miss a single pebble on the pavements walked by Pushkin and Gogol, Babel and Kataev, Kotovsky and Zhukov, Fidel Castro and Mark Twain! Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight. [B/L/D]
Day 7: Odessa
Breakfast in the hotel before your tour of Odessa’s famous market! Odessa begins with Privoz, the king of markets! Almost two hundred years old and always offering a greater the choice on than any other markets. Walking the area of Privoz is not unlike visiting a theater: drama and comedy, spectators are all in play, here. Buyers play on an equal footing with the other main actors: The sellers. It's really a sight not to be missed! Privoz occupies a large area (20 acres) with over 6 thousand sellers. The choice here is terrific, you can buy everything! We will walk along different alleys: vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, dairy products, etc. We must pay tribute to this market and the broad offer of natural products it keeps! After the visit enjoy lunch at a local restaurant. The afternoon is free for you to discover Odessa on your own or take the optional boat trip on the Black Sea. This evening visit the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, the greatest Odessa’s treasure and true pearl of European 20th century architecture. The theater, which grandeur and fine architectural lines strike the eye can be compared with the best theatres of Italy, Austria and England. It was built in 1887 according to the design, inspired by the Dresden Opera, of renowned Austrian architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer.  The opera house impresses its guests with its luxurious decoration considered to be the most beautiful part of the building. In the French rococo style, the antique columns, sculptures, arches, intricate molding, dark red velvet armchairs, and numerous mirrors are literally breathtaking! This amazing place still keeps the energy of the great people who frequented it in different times. Tonight we have organized a farewell dinner to celebrate your good bye to Ukraine. Overnight at the hotel. [B/L/D]
Signature Option: Boat trip on the Black Sea
Is it happiness or is it bliss? Feel the touch of a pleasant breeze warmed by the sunbeams or its romantic embrace under the cool moonlight when you sail the calm waters of the Black Sea. Watch the coast and beaches shyly undress before your eyes trying to show their beauty and personality and separating themselves from the further horizon keeper of memories from centuries of History! Let yourself dream over the blue water while your captain responds to the incessant call of Vorontsovsky Beacon, guiding all humans in site to the welcoming Odessa Harbor. And, sometimes, not only the humans because, the Gods willing, some dolphins will respond to the call and follow the boats showing off their gaiety and joining in the welcome to this balmy city! And don’t forget to look at the city to enjoy a special view of its contours against the sky from this unique perspective.
Signature Option: Boat trip on the Black Sea
This is not an excursion in the usual sense of the word. It is more like immersing yourself in a secret! You ask: What is there that I haven’t seen before? And the answer is: EVERYTHING! Unless, of course, you have been in a “Cold War” underground bunker with the 4th degree protection and capacity for 1,200 people! And here is not just one bunker… there are FOUR! We are sure that you have not seen an animal’s cemetery, whose average age is 3.5 million years. And in addition to that some of those animals no longer populate the Earth! And what about underground lakes in which new species of tiny living beings, unknown to modern biology, are still being discovered? It's good they are harmless! And have you seen the process of underground mining of stone and experienced the work in a quarry… using 19th century instruments? And if we told you that real bandit caches of the Moldovan invaders can also be found there? Unbelievable, you say! Maybe, but this is the world now located under the legendary Moldavanka, a world that is something to look for! The most secret partisan detachment of Odessa disappeared precisely in this area of ​​the catacombs. What happened here is still covered in secret. What we know is that only one out of 32 people came out from the ground. This is the world of the Catacombs in Odessa! Although there are more stories to tell, and some are still being discovered, it’s better that you discover them by yourself. The most important thing to know is that safety is guaranteed when you visit the caves! Spend 3 hours visiting the Catacombs under the center of Odessa. Before you go make sure you’re OK to walk that long and are not claustrophobic. Ware casual clothes, including a shirt or top with long sleeves, sneakers or comfortable sports shoes and a sweater or warm cover-up.
Day 8: Odessa, USA
Breakfast at the hotel and checkout. Private transfer from the hotel to Odessa airport to board your return flight with a change in Kiev. [B]
[B] = Breakfast | [B/L/D] = Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner






Tour includes
  • Airfare USA-Kiev-Lviv//Odessa-USA
  • All transfers where required
  • 7 nights accommodation:
    • Lviv – 2 nights
    • Odessa – 2 nights
    • Kiev – 3 nights
  • Meals:
    • Breakfast Daily
    • 7 lunches
    • 7 dinners
  • Sightseeing tour of Lviv
  • Restaurant Tour “Happy Stomach” in Lviv
  • Excursion to Lychakiv Cemetery  in Lviv
  • Sightseeing tour of Kiev
  • On the Segway on the "Park Ring"
  • Mamayeva Sloboda tour
  • Sightseeing tour of Odessa
  • Boat trip along the Dnipro River
  • Excursion to Privoz and walking tour
  • Odessa Opera Theatre
  • English speaking guides for tours and transfers
  • All local taxes
Not included in tour
  • Any taxes and surcharges relating to airfares
  • Travel insurance
  • Wi-Fi at hotels
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Other meals not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Extras and gratuities
  • Early check-in, late check-out (Most hotels begin check-in around 2:00pm)
  • Expenses of personal nature
  • Porterage at airport and hotels
  • Optional tours and activities
  • Any service not specifically listed under "included"

Hotels in your Tour

Category Hotel Name Tripadvisor
First Class
Lviv Dnister 4
Odessa Gagarin 4
Kiev Alfavito 4.5
Superior First Class
Lviv Taurus 4.5
Odessa Black Sea 3
Kiev Radisson Blu 4
Lviv Citadel Inn 4.5
Odessa Bristol 4.5
Kiev Hyatt Regency 4.5
Superior Deluxe
Lviv Leopolis 4.5
Odessa De Paris Odessa by Sofitel 5
Kiev Fairmont Grand 4.5
Hotels will be confirmed at time of booking

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From: $1,419 including airfare
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Optional Sightseeing:

City Description Price
Lviv "Night guard" $53
Lviv on the verge of sky! $73
Kiev Pirogovo tour $106
Chernobyl tour $153
Odessa Sea boat Trip $60
Odessa Catacombs $80
Prices are per person and may change without notice