Group Conditions

Land Group conditions
Payments: Agency agrees to pay the HWDT all monies due for the operation of the services described in the land services confirmation including additional services requested
  • Land and Air prices may change and are only guaranteed once final payment is received.
Payment Conditions: A non-refundable deposit of US $100 per person is required at time of booking for land packages or $200 for air & land packages. Holidays with Downtown must receive final payment 60 days prior to departure. For bookings made within 60 days of departure, full payment is due.
Final Payment: Final payment must be received by Holidays with Downtown 60 days prior to departure date. Reservations made less than 60 days prior departure date must be accompanied by payment in full. If final payment is not received within the required period, Holidays with Downtown reserves the right to cancel any such reservations without prior notice and levy applicable cancellation fees.
Payment by credit card: The usage of credit cards though HWDT Merchant account may be subject to a fee imposed by the Merchant services. This fee is usually 3.5% and may change depending on the banking conditions. Merchant fees are net and must be paid in full with each transaction where they apply.
Reservations/Deposit/Confirmation: Reservations are strictly personal and must be accompanied by a deposit or payment in full before they can be considered confirmed.
  • Services confirmation will specify whether the services provided by HWDT are quoted as NET or as a commissionable GROSS. In the latter case the amount of commission to be paid to Agent will be specified as a percentage
    • Adjustment of payment due to HWDT by deduction of commission by agent will be considered as a short payment and HWDT will not be obliged to deliver travel documents until such shortage is corrected by Agent.
  • If payment is made by Money Transfer any applicable fee is to be paid by the party that sends the money.
  • If payment is made by Credit Card, Agency will be responsible for Merchant fees incurred by HWDT and such fees will be added to the cost of services and will be due to HWDT at the same time as the original cost of services.
    • Agent shall be responsible for all chargebacks on credit cards; HWDT shall make best efforts to fight the chargebacks with respective vendors. Agent shall make available to HWDT all necessary documentation to support the rebuttal within 3 business days of receiving charge back notice. If after HWDT has exhausted all efforts and a chargeback could not be resolved, Agent shall pay such chargeback amount to HWDT in timely matter.
    • Any Charge Backs are subject to a fee in addition to the Charge Back amount. Fee schedule is available at HWDT’s office.
  • If additional charges are made during the operation of a group, such charges will be considered as part of the original amount charged and follow the same rules as the original cost of services.
  • If cancellations or changes to the services occur during the operation of a group, resulting in monies due by HWDT to Agency, HWDT will determine whether to adjust the final amount due by Agency to HWDT or to refund such amounts within 3 business days of group departure.
  • If an air portion is part of this agreement, HWDT will make available to Agency all the rules and regulations applicable to the air itinerary. It is Agent’s responsibility to notify the group of all applicable rules and regulations of any airline and airfare involved.
Miscellaneous: HWDT is not responsible for any transportation schedule change, unscheduled hotel and private of public touristic facilities closures. It is the responsibility of the passengers to contact the airline or local service HWDT and reconfirm the flight 72 hours prior to departure or supplier mentioned on the vouchers to inform of their presence.
Air Group conditions
HWDT acts only as an intermediary between the airline and the agent/organizer. We call your attention the following important disclosures:
  • Taxes and surcharges are estimated and may fluctuate prior to ticketing. Differences calculated at time of ticketing must be paid by agent/organizer if owed to HWDT and HWDT will refund excess payments, if any, after ticketing.
  • The airline reserves the right to change equipment or schedules without notice and HWDT will not be held responsible for such changes or delays.
  • Neither the airline nor HWDT will be liable for delays or cancellations due to weather or any other cause beyond HWDT’ or the airline’s control.
  • All transportation is subject to the airline Contract of Carriage and applicable tariffs.
  • This offer is valid for 7 days from the date of issue.
  • All the clauses below are integral part of this offer.
Seating assignments may be done with the airline by passengers individually. The HWDT Group Desk does not handle pre-assigned seating requests. 
Deviations: Maximum of 10% of the group size may deviate free of charge unless special contract condition supersede this allowance.  Deviations may alter date of travel only within the maximum stay specified.   Deviations must retain same routing as the main group and travel at least in one direction with the group.
Tickets are non-refundable.   After ticketing / before departure name corrections are allowed at a fee of  USD XX. 
Group Quotes: A minimum of 10 passengers travelling together qualifies as a group.  The quote and group space is not guaranteed and is based on availability at the time of the booking request. Group quotes are valid for 7days from the date the quote is advised.  Taxes and fees are additional and may vary before ticketing. HWDT cannot guarantee the total price until tickets are issued.
Deposit Due Dates:  Days required for deposit or payment start counting on the day of confirmation by the airline. The list below is just an indication and HWDT will confirm the deadlines with the air space confirmation:
Days confirmed before departure   Deposit/Payment
61 or more........................... Deposit within 30 days
60-30................................... Full payment within 14 days
01-30................................... Full payment within 72 hours
Form of Payment: FOP must be agency/organization check only, preferably electronic (ACH). HWDT does not accept personal checks unless they are certified by a recognized USA bank with the check amount properly engraved on the check. Usage of HWDT’s Merchant Account is subject to a 3.5% fee over the total amount.
Deposit Penalties: These are normally established by the airline and HWDT only transmits them to and follows up their application with the agency.
Service Fees:  If the group is cancelled 30 days after confirmation but before the 90-day penalty deadline a flat service fee may apply per cancelled group as indicated with the air space confirmation.
Deviations: 10% of the group passengers may deviate free of charge provided they travel one way with the group and the maximum stay is not exceeded.  No additional deviations are accepted beyond the 10% allowance.  Deviations apply to date changes only.  Itinerary changes or additions are not allowed.  All changes to the group record must be made no less than 45 days prior to departure.
Names / Passport Information : All names are due 45 days prior to departure.  Name changes are permitted before ticketing. Once issued, tickets are non-refundable and no name changes are allowed.  The airline requires that passport information for all customers must be entered in the PNR.  Kindly provide complete passengers’ information by filling in each column of the Passenger List submission form attached. Ticketing cannot be processed if any of the required data is missing. 
Additional Conditions
The air and land group conditions specified above are in addition to the General Sales Conditions, Tour Conditions and Airline Contract Provisions that apply to all passengers handled by HWDT.
In case of conflict between any condition specified in the General Sales, Tour or Airline provisions and the group conditions specified herein, the Group conditions will supersede the others.