Hospitality in a pure state! Holidays with Downtown proposes carefully selected hotels that offer you exactly the little extras that will delight you on your holiday. We understand that small details make a big difference: The feeling you’re being pampered, a comfortable environment, a breathtaking site, warm staff or a squeezed fruit juice when you get to your room are some of the little delights that make the hotels we work with the most hospitable places for your dream vacation. We’ll get you the best proposal in order to respond to your special requests. We want our clients to relax like in no other place, take part in exciting activities and recharge their batteries so they return home ready to retake their busy lives.

Make the most out of your touring! Each city is what the visitor wants to find in it! Tell us your fancy of any city in the world and we will make it reality by designing a tour that makes it come to life. Visit the main monuments of world capitals, walk the artists quarter in Paris, discover Renaissance’s birthplace, explore millenary dynasties in Asia, get at arms’ length from Gorillas in Africa, learn how the Egyptians built their pyramids, visit Capri with your own boat and captain or dance the Tamure with the South Pacific locals… Whatever you like we’ll make it happen for you! Prepare yourself for a fabulous trip to the land of fairy tales and the royal history of European, Indian or Asian countries. For a couple, family or group outing, you can stroll through the exceptional works of art that are the castles, palaces and fortresses built by world rulers to defend their empires, impress their friends and foes and display their power and riches. Visit fabulous rooms, impressive collections of art, dazzling gardens and amazing costumes wore by emperors, kings and queens, knights and samurais through the great moments in history.

Moving Glamor, Luxury and Comfort! One of the best ways to travel in luxury and comfort in most parts of the world is to use classic trains. You’ll find them in Europe, Africa, India, Asia, Australia and South America and they provide a taste of the luxurious past mixed with today’s comfort. Today, the train journey is back in force and a multitude of renovated classic trains or brand-new cars try to revive the days when the train travel was elegant, even glamorous. Not to worry! These trains are not comparable to our metropolitan or intercity services! Luxury trains are places where passengers put themselves on their 31s to go for dinner and where the five-course menus are presented in china by caring waiters and renowned chefs. If you have tried one you know what we’re talking about, if not it’s time you discover it!

Chauffeured or self-drive always get the best! Whether you like to drive yourself or prefer to be chauffeured around, whether it’s just for a few days of for an extended vacation we can arrange the exact service you wish! Chauffeured cars: Make yourself comfortable in a high-end vehicle or luxury limousine of your choice and, in all serenity, let yourself be driven. Your driver will always be on time, show discretion throughout your trip and display professionalism in all occasions. From a full-size sedan to the prestigious Rolls-Royce your plans are safe in our hands. Sport and Prestige cars: Your pleasure is our pleasure! Let yourself go and enjoy one of the best vehicles in the world: Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche are the most famous but Mercedes-Benz, BMW and many other models are also available according to your taste and desire. Weddings: You’re planning your weeding abroad and, naturally, want to make it the best day of your life. This holiday has to be the most beautiful, refined and faultless. A luxury vehicle that responds to your dreams is just what you need to crown your happiness. We’ll find it for you among the wedding collections available in all the romantic places in the world.

Special Activities
Something different for your vacation! There are many activities that can be arranged to your requirements. Below are some of the more popular ones: Medieval Banquet: Book this activity for an unforgettable journey to the time of lords, knights and ladies. Enjoy medieval animations in the authentic decoration of a castle built centuries ago. Listen to makers of old music that resonate to the sound of their fire, bells and tommies ... These people of music, fashionably costumed in medieval fashion, are also hucksters, storytellers of foolish sermons and do not disdain narration of pleasant fables where good tricks are not lacking. Meetings: Whether they come in the form of scheduled business meetings or take on more user-friendly forms, business-to-business meetings are an interesting way to become known, to expand your network and, above all, to fill your order book. Round tables, speed business dating, practical and fun workshops or conference shows, these evenings have one thing in common: They can boost your business ... all in a friendly atmosphere. If you have in mind a little mixing of business and pleasure we are you ticket! Weddings: We are convinced that trips help to strengthen the bonds of a couple ... That's why many couples decide to get married in idyllic places making their memories even more unforgettable! Other couples like to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary. Whatever the case we’ll be happy to make the travel arrangements for you and provide the best possible setting for your special event. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs: There are many places in Israel to organize a party. But before making your choice, it is important to consider the following: The menu, the service, equipment and technical means. It’s important to think in advance of all the details will need to ensure with the responsible person the necessary means are available and thus avoid inconvenience and disappointment. We will arrange the ceremony based on the requirements of your belief so all the important things for success are taken care of in advance.