Classic Belarus

Belarus is an incredible paradox. Despite its cultural richness, its emblematic history of the ruptures of Europe and the welcoming qualities of its population, it remains the least visited country in Europe. One-third of the country is covered by forests that are among the last remaining primary forests in Europe. The fauna and flora are particularly rich. The The Braslav Lake Area is famous for unusual landscapes and terrain left by the ancient glacier. At the epicenter of the Slavic world, Belarussians are very attached to their culture: Concerts, operas, ballets, theaters, museums are multiplying in every city. The country is a unique discovery opportunity to the sophisticated visitor who knows how to think outside the box.
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Classic Belarus
Journey Highlights
  • Independence Avenue
  • Faubourg Trinity
  • Church of St. Simeon and St. Helena
  • Church of St. Peter and St. Paul
  • Mir Castle
  • Nesvizh Palace
  • Khatyn Memorial
  • Vitebsk, the "Cultural Capital"
  • Church of the Annunciation
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Hunting in Belarus

Belarus is located in the east of Poland and in the north of Ukraine, it is a favorite destination for game hunts such as: bison, deer, moose, wild boar, deer, organizes a famous hunting of caper quail and black grouse, as well as waterfowl, gray partridge, woodcock. To go to Belarus is to seek the authenticity of the hunt, it is the meeting with wild game and particularly distrustful species, or species long gone from our country or banned from shooting elsewhere. Hunting guides have a keen knowledge of nature and territories even though their methods sometimes seem a bit too traditional.
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Hunting in Belarus
Journey Highlights
  • Invitation letter
  • Gun & Ammunition entry permit
  • Belarusian hunting license
  • Hunting accompanied by a huntsman
  • Preparation of your trophy (big game)
  • Preparation (draw) of your small game
  • Conservation of your small game
  • International veterinary certificate

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Jewish Roots in Belarus

Jewish roots run deep in Belarus, which borders both Poland and Lithuania. Over 600 years ago, Judaism became one of the area’s traditional religions (eventually, there were 50 synagogues in Minsk alone). Today, few Jewish visitors think of visiting this area. We hope this tour will change the minds of a few of them.
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Jewish Roots in Belarus
Journey Highlights
  • Excursion to Mound of Glory & Khatyn
  • Tour Jewish Nesvizh
  • Visit Nesvizh Palace
  • Radzwill Castle in Mir
  • Visit Novogrudok ghetto
  • Historical “Gay” memorial in Baranovichi
  • Visit Jewish Pinsk
  • Tour Slonin Ghetto
  • Tour of Jewish Brest
  • Grodno fortress
  • Grodno Jewish Quarter
  • Yeshivas of Radun & Volozyn
  • Excursion to Jewish Stolbtsy
  • Meet the Jewish Community in Vitebsk