Discover Mongolia

Once upon a time in Mongolia… between the Gobi Desert and the immense steppes, an unprecedented chance to discover this country, its capital and its nomadic peoples.
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Discover Mongolia
Journey Highlights
  • Hike in Ikh Gazariin Chuluu
  • Visit Am Valley
  • Gobi Desert
  • Gurvan Saikhan Ridge
  • Singing dunes of Hongorin Els
  • Ulaantsutgalan Red Waterfall
  • Tovkhon Xiid temple
  • Erdenezuu Monastery
  • Prejvalski horses at Khustai Nuruu

Tsagaan sar - New Year 2022

A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Mongolian steppes in the heart of winter, while attending the biggest celebration of the Mongolian people!


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Tsagaan sar - New Year 2022
Journey Highlights
  • Mongolia in winter
  • Meet nomad people
  • Mongolian New Year
  • Dog sled ride
  • Catch the horses
  • Optional horseback riding
  • Visit. Aryabal Temple
  • Visit Terelj National Park