Classic Netherlands

A small territory completely flat, enlarged thanks to conquests on the sea (the famous polders), the Netherlands have long turned to the outside and are distinguished for their tolerance and open-mindedness.
If Amsterdam is a flagship destination to spend a weekend, the rest of the country, it is a little left out; While the capital is a fine foretaste of the culture and history of the Netherlands, there is no doubt that the rest of the country deserves equally passionate attention.
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Classic Netherlands
Journey Highlights
  • Westerkerk in Amsterdam
  • Concert Gebouw
  • Coster Diamonds
  • Rotterdam Old Harbor
  • Nieuwe Willemsbrug in Rotterdam
  • Kralingse Plas Lake
  • Zaanse Schans
  • Gouda cheese farm
  • Queen Beatrix residence, Hague
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Classic Benelux

Luxembourg: Cultural treasures, natural riches and landscapes of exhilarating variety, refined dishes, excellent traditional and sparkling wines, festive traditions and a vibrant culture... throughout the year, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg allows you to live unusual and unforgettable experiences. The only Grand Duchy in the world, the country offers a fascinating game of contrasts on a small territory: rich history and exemplary modernity, local charm and international character, big and small, mountains and valleys.
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Classic Benelux
Journey Highlights
  • Amsterdam 18th-century homes
  • Narrated canal cruise
  • van Gogh Museum
  • Maastricht
  • Luxembourg Old Town
  • World War II Monument of Nat'l Unity
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral